Semi-Hard Cheeses

Our range of...

semi-hard cheeses leaves nothing out. Try them & love them!

Semi-Hard Cheeses

  • Many PL products in Hungary
  • Good & stable quality
  • Several forms & sizes
  • Quick adaptation to market changes
Our range of semi-hard cheeses leaves nothing out!

From the Netherlands, we have Gouda, with a proud tradition dating back to 1184- almost a thousand years ago!

We proudly maintain this tradition, as we do with all traditions. Maasdamer is also from the Netherlands, but because of the playful, bubbly holes it has, it is known as a Swiss-type cheese- it is an international cheese, much like our own company! Of course, no Dutch cheese collection would be complete without Edam- once considered the world’s most popular cheese between the 14th and 18th century! It is mild when young, and sharpens as it ages- depending on what stage of its life you have it at, Edam brings a new taste every time!

From the UK, these cheeses are joined by Cheddar, from the English town of Cheddar, whose network of caves once provided the perfect conditions for the production of this kind of cheese.

Finally, we also produce a type of cheese called Trappist cheese (Trappista in Hungarian), which is by far the most popular cheese in all of Hungary.

This is a cheese with quite a history- it was first made by Trappist monks (hence the name!) in the French abbey of Notre Dame de Port-au-Salut, and from there the secret recipe was brought to Hungary through Bosnia, via the Mariastern monastery. It remains popular both in its birth-place in France, as well as throughout Bosnia, Serbia and Hungary, where it continues to be the most widely consumed cheese. Our Trappista cheese brings all the best of tradition, and couples it with our modernization that brings our customers what is truly the best of both worlds.