White Cheese

A ’fetta’ of Double Cream...

is a nice, but not the only way to enjoy white cheese.

White Cheese

  • With cream or vegetable oil
  • Market leader in several countries
  • Extraordinary quality
  • Wide range from 185g to 16kg
White Cheese is as ancient as it is tasty today. Even as long ago as the 8th century B.C.E., it was being enjoyed in the Mediterranean. Homer’s famous epic adventure-poem The Odyssey even mentions it- that is how important it was! And its importance carries on to this day, 2,800 years later! How could you ever say no to a fetta of Feta? Fetta is the Italian word that means “slice”, which the Greek word comes from!

And so, with our Hungarian Double Cream, you can revel in the salty goodness of this cheese taken to new heights.

In Hungary, it is known as Krémfehér Sajt- “cream-white cheese”, and that is the perfect description of our delightful Double Cream cheese. But it is not only Europe and the Mediterranean where our Double Cream cheese is enjoyed- in Saudi Arabia, our white cheese is so popular, that people now ask for “Hungarian cheese” when they want to know that they will be guaranteed a slice of perfect Double Cream.

But a fetta of Double Cream is not the only way to enjoy white cheese. In the Middle East, white cheese comes in all kinds of varieties- Akkawi cheese, from the city of Acca (Acre) in Palestine, Nabulsi cheese, from the city of Nablus, also in Palestine- and now, thanks to the splendid creativity and innovation of our production team, white cheese also means Traboulsi cheese- from Trablos (Tripoli) in Lebanon- the hometown of Korostej owner, Dr. Riad Naboulsi.

Our Akkawi and Traboulsi type cheeses are known as (“local”) Baladi cheeses in the Middle East, but to avoid confusion we call them Fresh Cheese.

You will know why when you taste them! Nabulsi cheese is also considered a Baladi-type cheese, but it is uniquely flavoured with mastic and mahleb (a spice made from cherry seeds), so there is nothing quite like Nabulsi cheese, which can be enjoyed plain with bread, or used in a number of delicious traditional Arabic sweets, such as knafeh.

Or if you feel like going for a really light and easy-to-digest cheese, try our Soft Cheese, made from the freshest ricotta that you can imagine!