Grill Cheese

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Grill Cheese won the Gold Medal at the Käsiade 2014 Cheese Olympics in Austria.

Grill Cheese

  • Original & proven recipe
  • Natural, Chili & Garlic, Mediterran spices versions
  • Gold Medal, Käsiade Cheese Olympics 2014, Austria
  • Product of the Year 2014, Hungary
Our famous Halloumi-type Hajdú Grill Cheese, made from cow’s milk, is one of our finest products- and considering how good the rest of our products are, that is quite an achievement! We are not the only ones who think so- just ask the people of Tyrol, Austria, where our Hajdú Grill Cheese won the Gold Medal at the Käsiade 2014 Cheese Olympics.


Our Hajdú Grill Cheese is inspired by the famous Cypriot Halloumi cheese, and carries with it all the rich heritage that this type of cheese has, originating during the Byzantine period in Cyprus, and spreading all over the world since then.

The word "Halloumi" comes from the old Coptic word "halum", which used to just mean "cheese". This is the same origin as the name of the braided Arabic cheese known as Halloumi Jadal (but that is a different product entirely, which we refer to as "Jadal" to avoid confusion).

Thanks to its high melting point, our Hajdú Grill Cheese is perfect for frying or grilling, retaining its unique folded shape whilst becoming perfectly browned and ready to be devoured.

One of the best ways to enjoy Hajdú Grill Cheese is to chop it up into 5 mm slices and grill both sides to perfection, or maybe try frying them in a pan for no more than 2-3 mins- no oil necessary! To be consumed while still piping hot, alongside salads, toast- just about anything.

But these are far from the only ways to enjoy Hajdú Grill Cheese. It can serve perfectly as a gluten free ingredient in hot soups, diced up into squares, instead of pasta or noodles, thanks to the unique way in which it reacts to heat. We at Kőröstej have no limits to our imagination- and if your imagination is the same, then you will never run out of ways to enjoy Hajdú Grill Cheese!

In Hungary, where Hajdú Grill Cheese won the Product of the Year in 2014, we also offer it with tasty spices in the form of Chili & Garlic, as well as offering a Mediterranean version that tantalizingly evokes the cheese’s origins, in the wonderful warmth of the beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea.

At the same time, we at Korostej are always thinking of every one of our customers. For example, in the Middle East, where the grill cheese lovers often just take it out of the fridge and eat it in its natural ungrilled form, we also offer a light variety. Just taste our Hajdú Grill Cheese- grilled, fried, natural- in a salad, in soup, with bread, at a barbecue- and you’ll never go for anything else.