Cream Cheese

We have it all...

- the salted, the extremely creamy, and everything in between.

Cream Cheese

  • Rich in high value proteins
  • Good & stable quality
  • Perfect taste & texture
All different, all enticing. Our creamy products are full of the richest minerals and easy-to-digest proteins of fresh milk, thanks to the prize-winning 21st century technology introduced to our largest factory in Hajdúböszörmény.

The history of this famous cheese plant, near Debrecen- the second largest city in Hungary- goes back many, many decades, and represents all the best traditions of Hungarian cheese manufacturing.

We have it all- the salted, the extremely creamy, and everything in between can be found in our deliciously pampering assortment of the most indulgent cream cheese products.

You can have them for breakfast or for dinner, in unprocessed form, with fresh bread, with spices, with vegetables. And these same cheeses can then be used as delicious ingredients for salted or sweet creams, cheese cakes and pastry, and much more. The only limit is your imagination.