Chilal Cheese

It is not only the flavour...

that makes Chilal so adored - but also the beauty of its shape.

Chilal Cheese

  • We are one of the largest Chilal producers of the world
  • Long shelf life
  • Extreme quality
  • Several kinds of packaging from 220g to 12,5kg
It was in Syria that the dainty braids of Chilal cheese were first strung, woven together with a sharp burst of salt and a smattering of little black Nigella seeds - in Arabic called “the seeds of blessings”.

And certainly the cheese they have blessed has come to be a blessing for lovers of salty cheese, spreading across the Middle East and, more recently, to Europe and the USA, where it is known as “Syrian String Cheese”.

It is not only the flavour that makes Chilal so adored- but also the beauty of its shape, the many strings of cheese tied up together - in a knot, in a jar - even, in the shape of a butterfly.

The visual wonderment that Chilal provides, paired with the burst of salty delight that its flavour provides- makes for a cheese that will certainly get you all tied up!