Processed Cheese

We use only the highest quality...

cheese and ingredients in our processed cheese plant in southern Hungary.

Processed Cheese

  • Popular PL products in several countries
  • Spreadable / cuttable/ natural/ smoked/ with spices–many forms of use
  • Various sizes
  • Premium quality at affordable prices
Aromatic, creamy, tasty… our processed cheese has it all, and thanks to our innovative production and packaging methods, it also stays fresh for such a long time. It is a favourite in a great many countries, everywhere from the Middle East to the very heart of Europe.

As with all our factories, we use only the highest quality cheese and ingredients in our processed cheese plant in southern Hungary, where the delicious processed magic happens.

Try the marvellously creamy spreadable range, the playful triangles, the flavoursome blocks or the durable plastic tin assortment - all will be to your fullest satisfaction.

From small children to the experienced connoisseurs of quality food, our products are for everyone.

Even in those parts of the world where the climate and other conditions does not allow for permanent refrigeration of cheese, we at Kőröstej always have a solution.

For the Hajdú Happy round box cheese we use the very best spices to create the most perfect flavours. Besides red pepper and green herbs, even the plain, unflavoured natural triangles provide an explosion of delightful taste.