The creamiest...

tastiest Labneh that the world has seen since the first yoghurt was strained…


  • Extraordinary taste
  • Long shelf life
  • Silver Medal, Käsiade Cheese Olympics 2014, Austria
  • Gold Medal, Hungarian Sajtmustra 2014
Labneh is as old as the land that it is made in (the word „Labneh” even shares the same linguistic origin as the word „Lebanon”- both of them come from an ancient word that used to mean „white”!). The creamy goodness of Labneh has existed since the men and women of the Middle East and Levant learned that straining yoghurt has such unbelievably tasty results, and it has been a part of daily life ever since.


Labneh is is one of those foods that seemingly can be had at any time, in any way, and with anything.

Have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, mezzeh; have it as a dip, in a wrap, a sandwich, or a roll- have it stuffed in the Levantine doughy man’ousheh, in sweet pastry, use it for cheese cake- the only limit is the imagination. After all, Labneh is even be used in the Jordanian mansaf- a Biryani-like rice-dish, believe it or not!

But we at Korostej like to take things a step further. Our Hungarian Labneh, like our company, brings together east and west, marrying together two cultures to give birth to the creamiest, tastiest Labneh that the world has seen since the first yoghurt was strained.

And it does not end there- you can also enjoy our Labneh rolled up into little balls and immersed in balmy olive oil, as they are traditionally enjoyed in the Middle East.

Or why not try our Labneh Rolls, and make your own take on tradition? Add anything you like- spices, herbs, condiments- then roll them up into balls of whatever size suits you, and enjoy your own home-made balls of Labneh. Congratulations, now you are part of the proud and ancient Labneh tradition!