The world-famous...

original Hungarian Kashkaval Cheese is our most important export product.


  • One of the world’s favorite kashkavals
  • Our most popular export product
  • Extraordinary quality
  • Natural & spiced versions
  • Several kinds of packaging from 350g to 8kg
From there, the cheese spread to Eastern Europe, where it became known as Kashkaval and came to have a strong traditional role in the cheese-making communities of the hills and mountains of the region.

The latest step in its journey came in the last century, when it was discovered by Lebanese and Syrian expatriates in Eastern Europe, who fell in love with the cheese and brought it back home with them, where it is now known as "Asha’awen" and is one of the most popular cheeses in the Levant, used in everything from filling for traditional "manakish" pastries, to simply being eaten wrapped up in a slice of thin Arabic bread for breakfast.

From its first mention by the Ancient Greek writer Hippocrates in 500 BC, passing through ancient Rome and Italy, to the mountain communities of Eastern Europe, Kashkaval has had quite a journey through space and time, before finding itself filling the pastry of a Lebanese schoolchild in Beirut- and in your plate!

We at Kőröstej proudly maintain this rich tradition and heritage of Kashkaval.

With our factories in Hungary and the majority of our Kashkaval consumers in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, we are the modern-day bridge for the gap in this cheese’s history, linking between its Eastern Europe heritage and Middle Eastern popularity, proudly producing Kashkaval with the same passion as it was once made in the mountains of Eastern Europe and providing the Levant with a taste whose name has been around since 500BC.